Book of Ivy

I read Book of Ivy last year when it came out. I am a YA dystopia junkie and read it all the time, so I wasn’t expecting anything to surprise me. Been there, done that. But I LOVED this book. Not because it was shockingly unique, but the characters were so dynamic. Ivy is tasked to kill her new husband, Bishop. What happens along the way might be predictable for awhile, but the ending did surprise me. I don’t want to give much away, but it was well worth reading.

Then came the sequel, The Revolution of Ivy. I had high hopes for this one, simply because I loved the first so much. I wasn’t disappointed. Started out a bit slow, but it found it’s way soon enough. Again, no spoilers, but please read these books. It’s a rare two book series. No words wasted. All plausible plots and characters. Really fantastic books. Written by Amy Engel. I will be checking out more of her works in the future!


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