Under the Never Sky series

I recently finished reading the Under the Never Sky series. Another one where I listened to the first and read ebooks of the next two. This wasn’t your typical dystopia simply because it wasn’t solely about a destructed society. There actually is a great society, but Aria gets kicked out of it and has to find her way among the destruction. In come Peregrine, an obvious love interest from day one, and three books follow. Thankfully, there are no ridiculous love triangles and Aria always tells Perry what she is thinking. She’s a bit helpless in the beginning, but not because she is a woman, rather because she is a society girl. Perry helps break her down for the outside world, and she comes into her own by the end. It wasn’t a fantastic series, but one worth reading. It just falls in the middle of YA dystopia. I would recommend it to the genre lover, but not to someone just getting their feet wet. For that, see the Legend series by Marie Lu. This is my absolute favorite YA dystopian series (considering the atrocity that was Allegient…. Divergent almost had the top prize…)

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