In a Handful of Dust completed

I put off reading this book for weeks. I just had no desire. But my renewal was up at the library, and I knew I could finish it quickly, so I took the plunge. I went into it with negative feelings. I thought the first book was pretty good. Wrapped up nicely in a reasonable manner. Then I discovered this sequel, which I thought was totally unnecessary. And guess what? I was right!

We visit Lynn and Lucy a number of years later. Lucy is 16, but is still called “little one” by everyone, even complete strangers who somehow catch onto this name magically. I realize it’s supposed to be a term of endearment, but it grated on my nerves. Lucy isn’t little, so it seemed more condescending than anything. The narrator is 3rd person limited from Lucy’s perspective, and while she struggles with how hard life can be, she is a strong girl with her own thoughts. To be referred to as little one was so jarring.

I’m not a big fan of road trip books. The Girl with All the Gifts comes to mind. Good beginning and great ending, but the middle was a lot of walking. A. Lot. And that just bogged down for me. Same with this book. The premise is fine. Polio sweeps the area. For reasons that will remain unidentified to avoid spoilers, Lynn and Lucy decide to walk all the way from Ohio to California. Just. So. Boring.

They meet some good people. They meet some bad people. Blah Blah. Blah. I just didn’t care. I gave it 3 stars, which was generous, honestly. The author should have stopped with the first book.


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