Book goals

I’m usually a lazy reader. I will read what I want, when I want, whatever strikes me. But I did the 2015 PopSugar Book Challenge, and it was fantastic. I read books that I had been meaning to get to for years (Pride and Prejudice, Slaughterhouse-Five, A Confederacy of Dunces) which was great. I read books I had never heard of before (Moloka’i, Wolf in White Van) and some not so great ones (Old World Murder, Gun, with Occasional Music, The Orphan Master’s Son). But in any case, when I look back over the last year, and the 89 (and counting) books I read, it is shocking to me how I was able to get so many done.

I usually set my goal at 50 books. I use Goodreads and absolutely love it. The format is easy, the giveaways are great (won two so far) and the app is convenient. Once I get to 50, I change the goal and see what I can do for the year. Sometimes, I get to 50 around October. This year, it was June. So, I changed my goal to 80. Once I met it, I just left it. No need at this point. 80 is the most I’ve ever read since I started keeping track, so now that I’m at 89, I really really want to get to 100. But here we are, Dec 4, 3 books in progress, not sure I’ll actually get 11 more done between now and the end of the year. And even though whatever I get to will be awesome, I still kinda want to cheat and read a couple short novellas to bump up my number.

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