The Grownup

I am cheap when it comes to buying books. If I love it, I will buy it for full price. But I usually wait for Kindle sales or use the library. Part of the problem is that I read SO MANY BOOKS that I just can’t afford to buy them all, as much as I would like to. And, although, Gillian Flynn has yet to disappoint me, I couldn’t spend $3 for a 60 page story. However, my library actually has 11 copies of this in hardback, so I requested one.

After an hour, I had finished and what a fun little treat. There are no chapters or stopping points, but you don’t need them. The story is quick and easy, but definitely makes you think about what you just read. And it all comes down to perspective. Whose story do you believe? I honestly have no idea who to believe in this story, and I really don’t care. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because that’s the entire point. We are left wondering, and I really appreciated what she did as a writer. I only have one Flynn book left to read and I can’t wait. She has proven to be tried and true.


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