Saint Odd

I’m going to miss Odd Thomas. He was a wonderful character. And, oddly enough (pun intended), you know his fate from day one. And even having this advanced knowledge, I was still sad to say goodbye to such a great guy.

Odd is respectful, honest, and just wants to be happy with his love, Stormy. He meets some fantastic supporting characters along the way, some human, some not quite human, but everyone Odd meets appreciates and loves him for being who he is. Odd is at odds (pun intended, again) with himself. He doesn’t take any pride in killing people, but makes sure every life he takes is one who is preventing him from helping the innocent.

This 8 book series is a pretty quick read, honestly. None of them are ridiculously long and they are pretty simply plotted out. But, the characters make the stories more interesting. Odd’s speaking pattern is to the point. He doesn’t mince words, which I appreciated. He is always ready with a “yes ma’am” and a “thank you.” Even though his predicaments are unique, he faces them with bravery. He’s a character worth admiring.


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