Dark Places

I now have read everything Gillian Flynn has written. Funny, because she is the polar opposite of Rainbow Rowell and I really love them both! As expected, this one is equally as insane as her others.

Nothing will top Gone Girl, because it was the first I read and so memorable. But once you understand what kind of writer she is, you see patterns. Mostly in dysfunctional families. This one was just is nuts. Told partly in present day, partly in flashbacks, you meet a few members of the Day family and follow them around a bit. Only the present day story is told in 1st person, which I thought was an interesting writing choice.

As the story progresses, there is a mystery to solve, like all Flynn’s other books, and I really got caught up in trying to figure it out. Flynn is a great writer. She isn’t subtle with her subject matter, but manages to weave seemingly insignificant details into the greater picture. And I’ll leave it at that, to avoid spoilers.


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