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I read a book today. Yes, the whole book. This doesn’t happen very often. I rarely have time to read an entire book in one day. And this one was short, so that helped a bit. But, MY GOSH. My heart is still pounding after this one. Never have I been so terrified over an unknown entity.

I just don’t even know where to begin. A friend recommended this book to me ages ago. And I just never made it a priority. But I added it to my “must read in 2016” list and got it from the library. And I nicely fits into my “book you can read in a day” category without being a lame novella, which feels like cheating. Anyway, aforementioned friend and I have similar tastes, and she has yet to lead me astray in a book. Well, that’s not true. Her favorite book is The Poisonwood Bible. Ugh. What a downer. That one aside, she has done well in her recommendations. And this one takes the cake.

Told in past vs present alternating(ish) chapters, you learn about the epidemic/apocalypse/terror that has swept the world. No one knows exactly what it is because anyone who sees it is immediately driven mad and kills himself. Is is even a visible being? Is it foreign? Is it a creature? Does it even matter?

The growing tenseness of this book is what makes it great. Because seeing this entity is what makes you insane, the characters must remain blind. Blackout curtains taped to the walls, doors locked tight, and blindfolds outside. Both past and present stories parallel in their intensity. The heart pounding moments blur together from both plots. As a brand new author, Josh Malerman weaves this frenzy perfectly. You think you’ll get a small break from your nerves when you switch from past to present to past, etc, but no. Each chapter provides its own set of terrors.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. One of the best I’ve read in a long time. It will be awhile before I can get to sleep tonight. I will keep thinking about that scene in the attic. Oh. My.

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