An Abundance of Katherines

Mark John Green off the list. I have read everything he has written, too. I’ve really been trying to make progress at this with authors I love. And I’ve completed three authors as of late. I’m sure there are more that I will discover, but Green, Rainbow Rowell, and Gillian Flynn are my recent ones.

My first intro to Green was The Fault in Our Stars, which is my favorite of his. And now that I’ve finished them all, I can say this was one of his better ones. This book fits into my “YA bestseller” category for my book challenge. I taught gifted kids for a long time, so I ran into kids like Colin and Hassan quite often, so I have a fondness for these characters. The way Colin’s mind works is quite accurate. And every prodigy needs a Hassan to reign him in when he starts spouting off tidbits that are “not interesting.”

John Green might not be qualified as “literature” and definitely fits into the young adult category, but don’t let this stop you from reading his books. They are funny and heartfelt. I look forward to reading his next work.

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