Cat’s Cradle

I’m pretty new to Vonnegut. I have read “Harrison Bergeron” but, up until last year, that was it. In the 2015 book challenge, I had to read a book that was at the bottom of my to-read list. So, I went to Goodreads to look at my list, and there, at number 1 (meaning the first book I added way way ago) was Slaughterhouse-Five, his masterpiece. And I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it like many do.

So, when I had to find a satirical book for this year’s challenge, I was tempted to try Vonnegut again. I really wanted to like his novels. I wanted him to be as important of an author that many say he is. And, lo and behold, Cat’s Cradle entered my world. Easy to say, it’s spectacular.

I can see how this book isn’t read as much, especially in the Bible Belt. However, it should be, especially in today’s times. Remove Communism, replace it with Islam, and you have present day. The story of the ice-nine became much more important as the story progressed, but the overall theme of religion, denying any religion other than one’s own, banning a certain religion, etc rings more true today than ever before. I’m not sure if I had read this book 10 years ago, that I would have found it as brilliant. However, this book and I were meant to meet at this time and place. Call me a Bokononist.


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