I usually don’t read books written by celebrities. Most of them don’t really have interesting enough lives for me to want to read about them. Being an actor just doesn’t impress me. Nor does being famous. And these people aren’t really writers. And reading about their struggles in how to make it in Hollywood isn’t interesting. There are a few exceptions. I’ve read Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s books because I do respect both of them as funny women who have changed the game in Hollywood. And Fey, especially, wrote a hilarious book. But I had to read a book written by a celebrity for my book challenge, and Scientology is just so fascinating, so choosing Troublemaker was a no brainer for me.

And I loved it. What a crazy story!! It is hard for me to take pleasure in reading about another’s pain, though. I feel so bad for Remini and all she went through. To feel so lost and let down by her church really is a terrible feeling, one many can relate to, albeit not in Scientology, since most members stay with the church, or go into hiding if they have left. This fact should tell you something, as well. This church isn’t one to be trifled with. They have tremendous power, but thankfully, most people think they are crazy, so their power only reaches so far.

I’m not a religious person and believe a lot of it is brainwashing (yep, I said it), but Scientology takes the cake. It’s absolute madness what these people will believe. I watched the Going Clear documentary and fully intend to read the book, as well. And there’s always the Southpark episode about it. One that was so controversial that Isaac Hayes (a dedicated Scientologist) quit the show over it.

Remini’s story is highly readable, given all the Scientology terminology, and can be read in a day, even. I was completely taken in by her story. I am glad she was able to escape with her family (mostly) intact. That’s a rare thing within the church. And I hope others are able to do the same as successfully.


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