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For my book challenge, I have to read a book based on a fairy tale, and I’ve been meaning to read this series for awhile, so now that all the books are out, it’s a great time to read them. I also have to read a book and it’s prequel, so I’m using book 3.5 and book 4 for this category. So, I win all around!

Cinder is pretty obvious as a modern retelling of Cinderella. She is a mechanic and a cyborg with a hidden secret. Unfortunately, her secret was so obvious to me that once it was revealed, I wasn’t surprised in the least. And this is rare for me. I almost never predict what’s going to happen, mostly because I have no desire to. But this one (and it’s a two part secret, neither one a surprise) wasn’t well hidden at all.

I was also a bit disappointed to read the plot tactic of “I can’t be honest because people won’t understand me” in this book. I hate this in books. And it’s almost exclusive to YA books. This strategy never seems authentic to me. Mostly because the end result is always the same. Whoever the secret is being hidden from never actually cares what the secret is, and if the secret keeper had been honest from the beginning, big giant messes could have been avoided. It’s just sloppy storytelling.

I did appreciate the creativity of the story and strength Cinder had. Strong female main characters are becoming more popular, which is great. And I do look forward to the rest of the series and seeing what other fairy tales have been reimagined. I absolutely recommend this book. My pickiness over the plot shouldn’t deter anyone else from reading it.


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