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Wind Through the Keyhole

For the book challenge, I have to read a book and its prequel. What this means is open to interpretation. Is it the first two books in a series? Is it a book and then the prequel that was published after the original? So, my challenge, my rules. I went with the latter here. Instead of reading the Dark Tower books as they were published, I went ahead and read book 4.5 (as SK puts it) between books 4 and 5 even though it was published after the series was finished.

Much like Wizard and Glass, this one is a story about younger Roland. And much to my surprise, it is a story within a story within a story. Did you follow that? We have Roland and his ka-tet, then he tells them a story about the Skin Man, and within the Skin Man story, he tells another story about the Wind Through the Keyhole. This isn’t nearly as confusing as you would think. The story is layered masterfully and doesn’t jump between all three.

I listened to this one read by the author, which was great. He might not be the best speaker, but just having an author read his own words is more powerful to me than another person reading them. This was one of the shorter books in the series, which was a nice break, but still an overall enjoyable addition to the story. King is just the best storyteller of our time.

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