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Morning Star

My gosh. This series. Let me preface by saying I bought Morning Star one year ago. The minute I finished Golden Son, I knew I would be finishing the series. Waiting a year was torture, but absolutely worth it.

This book broke my heart a couple times, made me tear up a couple times (which says something for someone who doesn’t cry at books, ever) and I couldn’t wait to see what happened. The bad thing is that this series is complex, and unique, and full of characters that I couldn’t keep straight one book to another because I had to wait so long in between them. I should have done a reread of the first two. I remembered the general idea, but there are a lot of characters that ran together. Not only that, this book reads like a Russian novel. Characters are referred to by multiple names. First, last, war names, nicknames, and keeping them straight is often difficult. However, with a reread, or for someone who gets to read them 3 in a row, this won’t be a problem.

These are young adult books, but are definitely rated R for language and violence. I have no issues with this. Kids can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. And the violence isn’t one that’s realistic (unless our children are going to battle for Mars anytime soon). And I like that the story is complex and uses high vocabulary. As an adult, I was frequently looking up words on my Kindle. And I recently read that there will be another Red Rising trilogy. I can’t wait.

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