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‘Salem’s Lot

Originally published in July 2010 on another site.

I’m a big Stephen King fan, but I don’t claim to have read the majority of his stuff. I go through phases of wanting to read his works. Oddly enough, I read three of his books this past year. ‘Salem’s Lot was good, but not terrifying like The Shining.

King’s second book focuses on vampires that move to a fictional town in Maine (of course) called Jerusalem’s Lot, or ‘Salem’s Lot. The story is told from a few characters’s perspectives, but don’t be fooled that those characters are safe from being bitten. The majority of the action revolves around Ben, who has returned to his childhood hometown to write a book about a haunted house in The Lot. However, the house has been sold and is inhabited by two mystery men. Literally half of the book happens with very little vampire action. I guess I kept reading to see when they would show up and how long it would take for them to be killed. It all starts with the main/head/boss vampire, who bites someone and then that person bites another, etc, etc. And the transformation isn’t immediate. You don’t die immediately; you just don’t feel like yourself for a few days, then you die, then you rise as a vampire. All the other traditional vampire myths exists, though…garlic, holy water, sunlight, so on.

I did enjoy this book, and I was impressed that his second novel would be so great, but if you want terror, definitely try The Shining. (Current day side note- Father Callahan’s story continues in Wolves of the Calla)

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