The Death Code

I am not a writer. However, I do know good writing. And, sorry to say, this isn’t it. Anytime an author says something like “We were surrounded on all sides” I am out. Ugh. What awful redundant writing. Not to mention that “it was the first thing she said since we found her” was stated three times. So, apparently, this character said three different things on three different occasions, all of which were the ‘first thing.’ It’s also not true, because when she was found, she said something.

The story is told is alternating chapters from 2 first person accounts, which I have no problem with, but most chapters were so short and choppy (some only a page long) that it was very disjointed and there was no flow to the story. I assume they are meant to be action packed, different camera angle type stories, but it just didn’t work.

About 2/3 of the way through the book, the plot began to grab my attention. Survival in the “Outside” against forces that cause disease was much more interesting. I think this is where the focus of the book really should have been.

I gave this three stars, but I think that’s being generous. They were unnecessarily graphic Again, I have no problem with violence, but a character laughing and screaming with madness and joy as she gouges someone’s eyes out isn’t plausible. I *would* be plausible with a little more character development, but that was seriously lacking in this book. Also, I didn’t buy the relationship between the main characters at all. None of it felt developed or authentic.

Maybe I’m not the target audience. Maybe I’ve read too much of the genre. Either way, I can’t recommend these books to anyone.


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