Caught in Amber

I selected this book for my “Romance set in the future” book knowing full well that I really don’t enjoy romance books or ones set in the future (aside from dystopia). However, this book was a pleasant surprise in that it wasn’t overly romantic or futuristic. So, I’m not sure if that bodes well for those looking to read those genres specifically, but for me, I enjoyed this book for what it was.

Books like this aren’t ones to be analyzed to death. They are simply for enjoyment and don’t require much thought. This is definitely not a bad thing at all. I’ve been reading some pretty heavy books, as of late, so this was a nice break from those. It’s pretty short (200ish pages, IDK, I read it on my kindle in 2 days), and has a fairly simple plot, which is established in the first chapter. It is set in the future because, instead of meth, the addicts use Amber, and there’s some references to being chipped and tracked if you are a convict, but no one was riding around in spaceships or anything.

As of this moment, this book is 1. 49 on the Kindle. If you enjoyed these genres, check it out. Nothing spectacular, but a solid book with believable characters and situations.


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