The Bluest Eye

I’ve never read Toni Morrison. With all the profound, important books I’ve read, all the authors we will be reading for decades to come, she is one I haven’t gotten around to, until this week. And let me make this clear- I get it.

I get why she is required reading. I get why she is considered a master of her craft. I get why she has won a Pulitzer. This book simply took my breath away. So many memorable phrases and sentences of just a few words, but their meaning and context is profound.

The story is so difficult to read, especially since it involves children and their fears, terrors, horrors. However, even though the events in the book take place in the past, their importance cannot be forgotten easily. We should value children, protect them, love them, no matter what.

I am absolutely going to read more from this formidable author. There should be another word for people who are heads and shoulders above their peers. Author doesn’t seem like a strong enough word for what Morrison is. It’s downright insulting to put her in the same category with Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson. Morrison’s words and legacy are limitless.

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