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End of Watch

I’m to the point in my reading journey that I will read everything Stephen King writes. We are slowly amassing a collection of his work in hardback. I used to buy his stuff at Half Price books for $1/paperback, but for an author as wonderful and prolific as he is, I think it’s worth it to buy his work in a more lasting format. Still from Half Price books, of course!

However, I received Mr. Mercedes as a gift for my Kindle, and once I start in series in one format, I usually keep buying it in the same format. Just a habit, I guess. Once I finished Mr. Mercedes, I immediately purchased Finders Keepers, and preordered End of Watch. The wait was finally over, and on my birthday I got the download.

I had no idea what Mr. Mercedes was about when I started it, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was absolutely nothing like King’s usual books. Basically, it’s a police detective novel. Retired detective Bill Hodges is mulling over the one who got away when said person contacts him and taunts him. The rest of the novel is Bill trying to find the identity of the person (Mr. Mercedes) and stop him from committing any further crimes.

The second book in the series, Finders Keepers, doesn’t involve Mr. Mercedes at all, but rather follows Bill in his new work as a private investigator. But we return to good old familiar Mr. Mercedes in this final book.

I really enjoyed this series. The last book was a satisfying conclusion and tied up all loose ends.

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