Lost in a Good Book

I first read The Eyre Affair back in 2011. I don’t remember much about it, other than the general premise. SpecOps agent, Thursday Next, can enter books, move around within the characters, and even change events. Thursday lives in a world of dodo birds, time travel, and a disappearing father. This series is perfect for classic literature lovers.

In Lost in a Good Book, we pick up immediately after The Eyre Affair leaves off. Thursday is famous for her actions in the previous book and not everyone is happy with this, so they “eradicate” her husband. Thursday has to jump into a book to save a character previously left to rot in the first book, and she gets help from Miss Havisham. Thursday has to go on trial in, of course, Kafka’s “The Trial” (English translation).

These books are delightful. I believe there are seven of them, and I will be finishing the series this year. I keep giggling to myself at all the literary references. It is helpful, but not necessary to have read the works mentioned (most certainly read Jane Eyre before tackling the first book, though). I’ve never read “The Trial” and wasn’t confused in the least.

I look forward to the rest of the series, following Thursday, seeing if her dodo bird hatches her egg, and jumping in and out of books I know and love.


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