Song of Susannah

The suspense is building. I finished the penultimate book in The Dark Tower series. I started in Jan of 2015 and am plowing through the series to finally reach The Tower. And to put it simply, this series is a masterpiece. Few authors are the caliber of Stephen King, especially in this series. The Stand is still my favorite, but The Dark Tower is what he should be remembered for. What’s sad is that most of his readers haven’t ventured into this series because it isn’t his typical genre. But that is what is so spectacular about King. He. Can. Write. Anything.


The Ka-tet is still alive (I apologize if I misspell things in this review. I’m listening to the series and am unsure how certainly MidWorld words are spelled), but Susannah is in our world set to give birth to the chap. She, Mia, Odetta, and Detta together must work together to deliver the baby safely and return to MidWorld to continue the journey.

I am so lucky to have found this series after it was finished. I’m not sure I could have waited years in between the books, especially between these two. Instead, I waited one minute for the book to download for me to listen to. And, of course, the movie comes out soon (see picture below…. thanks Idris Elba for tweeting this).

And on a side note, I have no issue with Idris being Roland. He will be fantastic. I have seen much of his work, and he has yet to disappoint. He is gruff and serious. He is focused and purposeful. And he is wonderful. I can’t wait for this movie.



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