Harry Potter books 2-4

I’m making my way through the series, yet again. I haven’t read them in 7 years, and with the new book/script out, I thought I should revisit these. I have the script, but am waiting to finish the series, first.

A few things have occurred to me as I’ve been reading. The first two books really could have been edited down into one longer book, but I guess the two separate tasks (Sorcerer’s Stone and destroying the diary) really needed their own books. But I felt like each book wasn’t complete. Maybe Rowling just was getting the hang of things, much like the first couple seasons of a tv show, but once you get to the third book, things start rolling. Sirius is my favorite character in the series, so I really love the books he is in. Sadly, he isn’t in the fourth book much, and is mostly referred to in the third, but I still get a good feel for his character, which is a testament to Rowling’s writing ability.

I did something I’ve never done before at the end of the 4th book. I cried a little bit. I’ve always gotten choked up when Mrs. Weasley hugs Harry after the tournament and he comments on how it’s the most motherly hug he’s ever gotten. But this time around, that got to me. Probably because this is the first time reading the series after my children were born. Last time I read it, I had just gotten married, so the parenthood emotion didn’t exist. That said, I know I’ll be a goner in the last book when Harry sees his parents again.

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