Treasure Island

For my “book that takes place on an island” I just went with the obvious choice. I’ve started this book a few times and just never got into it. However, this time around, reading was a breeze and a joy! I can’t believe we don’t teach this book more often. It’s really kid friendly. It has enough destruction to keep the attention of most kids, but is also easy enough to read and understand.

Basically, a kid whose family owns a tavern comes across a pirate who dies while living with them. The kid and his mom go through the man’s belongings to see what mysteries he was hiding. Bad guys come for the kid because he learned the secrets. The kid gets on a boat that is destined for mutiny, all to find the dead man’s treasure. Or something along these lines… Ha! I finished it a couple weeks ago and just haven’t had a chance to blog, so the details are a bit muddy already.

Anyway, the kid gets all wrapped up in the mutiny, has to choose sides, changes loyalty (or does he??) and has many adventures along the way. Thoroughly enjoyable quick read. I have taught Jekyll & Hyde, which is a great book, but much more challenging than this one. I also enjoyed that one, but in a different way. Treasure Island is just a really fun read.


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