The Three Musketeers

This was a book that I’ve been meaning to read for years. I am a big fan of French literature, but have never gotten around to Dumas. So, when this year’s book challenge included a book that’s been on your “to read” list for way too long, this book immediately came to mind. And, thankfully, it’s free on the Kindle, so there really was no excuse for me not to read it.

Most people know the general characters of the Musketeeers- Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, along with their young aspiring friend, d’Artagnan. And I think I’ve seen the old ’90s movie, however I really knew nothing about the plot. And I will say that it took me halfway through to really get into it. Partly because the language is out of date, leading me to  spend a lot of time clicking on words to get the definition, (don’t get me wrong… I LOVE reading older books because of the language) but also because there is a lot of setting the stage for the big plot points. There’s double crossing, triple crossing, back stabbing (literally and figuratively), poisoning, murder, love, and a lot of wine. Basically, all the elements for a classic adventure story.

I can see why this story has endured the ages. Along with The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron Mask, Dumas has endured two centuries of translations and reading. He was a prolific writer, and I imagine the French read more of his works that we Americans do. But this was a fun read. And although the setup was lengthy, the payoff was worth it.


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