I’m in the middle of a couple long books, so here’s an older review from a previous blog.

This book has been on my list for awhile. And, even though it’s target audience is adults, it’s really about a girl and her four years at prep school in Mass. She’s on scholarship, from the Midwest, and doesn’t fit in at all, yet somehow manages to make her way around the school fairly well.

We meet Lee at the beginning of her freshman year, where she is awkward, uncomfortable, and worships unattainable people, namely a senior girl and a fellow freshman named Cross. On a random trip to the mall, she and Cross cross (haha) paths and he treats her like an equal, though Lee always knows she’ll never been seen as a wealthy beautiful girl. She is instantly smitten with Cross and seeks out his attention in the oddest ways. She becomes the school’s unofficial hair dresser, cutting both students and teachers alike. With no training, you keep waiting for Lee to lop off an ear, but she manages to do a decent job. She becomes popular for this, but Lee knows that it’s not worth it. She goes back into seclusion as quickly as she was sprung from it.

She befriends only a few people, teaches one to ride a bike, allows another to confess her darkest secret, and manages to unintentionally alienate the entire school towards the end, creates an odd relationship with Cross, but still comes out on top. Lee will never fit in, but that’s okay. She’s just as good as they are, but just a little different.

I did like this book quite a bit, but I do wish it had been only a couple years of school instead of four. I felt like we didn’t really get to see the depth of certain things, since it was all crammed in there. Certainly worth reading. A little bit Gossip Girl, a little bit Gilmore Girls, but you really do cheer for Lee throughout it all.

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