Under the Dome

Still working on two long books (one done in a couple days, I think) so here’s an older review.

Finally getting around to writing my thoughts on this book. This is easily my second favorite King book, after The Stand. *side note- After reading The Dark Tower, this is nowhere near my second favorite SK book* Had it been summertime, I could have finished this book in a few days. Damn teaching job gets in the way of my fun reading! =)
King has certainly evolved as a writer, which is something I truly appreciate about him. As terrifying as this book was, it was nowhere near a horror story, like the majority of his books. Like The Stand, it’s just a battle of good vs. evil. None of the people in the town have superpowers, or go crazy, or have rabid dogs. It’s just good people trying to win and protect the town vs. the bad people trying to run the town.

One day, a “dome” slaps down around the town of Chester’s Mill. This impenetrable structure follows the shape of the town exactly. Interestingly, the town can see and communicate with the outside world. They get a kick out of seeing themselves on CNN. The military asks one of their own inside the dome to investigate. They have no idea where this dome came from and suspect it was created from inside the town. They just have no other explanation. To protect a dirty secret, the bad guys of the town take control quickly, and spare no expenses in the destruction of the police, the businesses, and the citizens themselves. As wretched as these people are, King at least gives a fairly plausible reason as to their actions. They didn’t just “go crazy” and start killing their families…..

What’s interesting about this book is the big battle. Which side are people going to be on? The quiet underdog or the boisterous bully who vows to protect the town in times of terrorism. In today’s world it’s hard not to stand with those that protect. Perfectly, the biggest baddie is a used car salesman, and it’s quite entertaining to watch him work his persuasive magic on those around him.

Of course, this is still Stephen King, so there are many casualties, and he does a great job of hinting there will be many more to come throughout the book. I realize this is a long book. But, I truly thought it was worth it. One of the best I’ve read in a long time!


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