Life After Life

The premise of this book is really interesting. Ursula Todd dies. A lot. And after she dies, she is reborn into her own life, making it a little farther than she did the last time. First time she dies, it is in birth. Another death sees her when she’s a toddler. Some when she’s a teenager. Others when she’s a young adult. No matter what, she always returns to her life. Every decision she makes, or doesn’t make, leads her down a different path.

Ursula is a great character, wanting the most out of life and making decisions other girls her age wouldn’t. Most of the story takes place between 1910s and 1940s where women tend to get married and have babies. In most of the story lines, Ursula doesn’t make those choices. The story doesn’t really have a plot because so many elements change with each decision. Sometimes Ursula makes excellent decisions and life is wonderful. However, most of the time life is hard. Living in England (or Germany) during WWII is hard, no matter what decisions a person makes.

And even though the premise was great, I just didn’t love the book. And my only complaint is that I just didn’t feel connected to anything. I liked Ursula quite a bit, but because there’s no true plot, seeing her make the same mistakes multiple times was just tedious. There’s a companion book to this one that follows her brother, Teddy. I’m not sure if it is the same concept or if it is an actual chronologically written novel. If it’s the latter, I will probably check it out, but I think I’ve had my fill of this reincarnation concept.


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