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Sleeping Beauties

It’s not new info that I love Stephen King. I’m working on owning his entire body of work in hardback and have read more than half of his novels. And anytime a new book of his comes out, I don’t even think twice. I grab my copy and dig in. The most recent books have been good, enjoyable, but nothing that I was just sucked into. Until now, that is.

Sleeping Beauties is written for Sandra Bland. That did it. I was hooked. Because Ms. Bland’s story is so heart wrenching and unforgettable. I immediately knew this book was going to be telling an important story. The basis is that one day when every woman, no matter the age, falls asleep, they immediately are wrapped in a cocoon that seems to come from their own bodies, and they go to sleep. They have normal breathing and heart rates, but are in a deep sleep, leaving all the men behind. And we all know men are just going to make a total mess of everything. Some of the good guys are desperate for their wives or daughters to wake up that they pry the cocoon off the sleeping woman. Nope. Bad idea. The woman attacks, usually killing, the man and then goes off to sleep. The only time they don’t is if a small child wakes them. They simply pick the child up, put the child outside, and lay back down.

The story revolves around a small town, Dooley, and the women’s prison there. A mysterious woman has been brought there for murder, but she can sleep and wake and she seems to know everything about everyone, all the deep, dark, and dirty secrets hiding in people’s minds. Because the men in town are crazy, they believe killing this woman will wake the women up. So they decide to attack the prison.

There are a variety of small plots involving the men and the few women who are trying their very hardest to stay awake as long as they can, but mostly the prison and the mystery woman are the heart. What happens to the sleeping women is fascinating, but I won’t say more than that.

Stephen and Owen King have written a female love letter. They realize how important women are to the world and have written the most amazing story for the women of the world, how valuable they are, how unique, how important, and how the world would go to shit without them, plain and simple. I absolutely loved this book.

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