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I’ll Give You the Sun

I feel like young adult books have made a resurgence in quality. There were always good ones, but so many of them are tackling important issues, dealing with realistic situations, and aren’t talking down to their audience. Between Dear Martin, The Hate U Give, and Everything I Never Told You, I’ve read some amazing YA books and recommend them all. And I’m going to add I’ll Give You the Sun to this list.

For the 2018 book challenge, I needed to read a book with an LBGTQ protagonist, and in I’ll Give You the Sun, the main character, Noah, is dealing with being gay, not being accepted, falling in love, and struggling with it all. He also has a twin sister, Jude, who he loves more than anyone, but their lives have diverged. There are many situations in this book that are hard to read about, mostly of loss, but watching the characters navigate through the trials is worth the read. Told in alternating perspectives (Noah when he and Jude are 13 and then Jude when she and Noah are 16) you really get the entire picture of what happened when they were 13 and how it changed them over the next three years.

This book is also one for the art lover. Both Noah and Jude are talented artists vying to get into the local art magnet (or some such) high school. As you read, more secrets are revealed as to how Noah and Jude became as divided as they are at age 16. It’s heartbreaking, but honest. I’ve been very lucky to come across some wonderful books as of late and highly recommend this one.

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