Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

I won this book from Goodreads (Thanks!!) and really wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, but I’m (mostly) glad that I did. I think the cover and title are really misleading. The story really is a murder and suicide mystery more than anything else. And unless I read the blurb, I would have assumed otherwise. However, the book was worth reading, even though I had assumed the plot was nothing thrillery of the sort.

Lydia works at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (meeting my 2018 book challenge criteria of a “book involving a bookstore”) and one of her favorite patrons, Joey, hangs himself at midnight in the store. Lydia is the one to find him and discovers he has a picture of her as a child in his pocket. Let the mystery unfold.

As you learn more about Lydia, you realize she was involved in a terrible, traumatic event as a child. And as she digs through Joey’s possessions, she begins to see some clues he left for her. Lydia then has to dig through all these, following the breadcrumbs until her past and her present merge into one awful resolution.

Avoiding spoilers, I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the resolution, simply because I saw it coming, but that’s not a reason to avoid this book. Once I got past the initial shock of what kind of book I had started reading, it was well-written and clever, and I’m thankful Goodreads gave it to me.


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