Before You Leap

I’m a proud owner of a Kindle and Amazon Prime, so I take advantage of the Kindle Firsts program. Each month, Amazon sends me a handful of books that I may “purchase” for free since I’m a Prime member. Before You Leap had been in my to-read list for awhile, and I discovered I needed a book about twins for the 2018 book challenge. Granted, one of the twins is dead in this book, but I counted it anyway.

The story starts out in the present, then flashes back in time to a few days earlier, so I’ll start with the earlier part first. Greg’s sister Scarlett was murdered ten years ago, but her killer has been let out of prison. A private investigator informs Greg of this fact and clues him in that the killer is now headed toward Florida, where Greg now lives with his platonic BFF Eve. Greg also has a sleepwalking condition and frequently finds himself in the rain in unexplainable circumstances. He works as a therapist in Florida and is simply trying to get on with his life. He has a girlfriend, a job, a happy life until the news of the killer reaches him.

Let me just say this now. The ending was ABSURD. Like roll your eyes, groan, how cheesy absurd. I hated it. Books like these anger me so much. Instead of just letting a mystery play out, which this did until the last few pages, there has to be some CRAZY TWIST THAT YOU DIDN’T SEE COMING!! OMG!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? But it never works for me. I hate that ploy. The “oh he wasn’t really dead for the entire novel even though you tricked us into thinking he was” or the “the guy’s twin brother isn’t really a twin brother, it was him in disguise!” or some other kind of crap. Not that either of those things happen in this book, but they are examples of ridiculous plot twists that make zero sense. And this book has a whopper of one. I was generous to give this one 3 stars, honestly. The ending was just so awful.


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