Red Moon

I’m not a fan of werewolf stories. Really. Not. A. Fan. But Stephen King recommended this one, so I gave it a whirl. And I’m happy to proclaim that this is a werewolf story, but just barely. For the 2018 book challenge, I had to read a book with my favorite color in the title, and given there are probably no books with “aquamarine” in the title, I just picked a book with any color in the title. Yes, I cheated.

Imagine our world, but one with lycans who live side-by-side with humans. These lycans are medicated (tested monthly to ensure they are taking their meds), there is a full moon sabbath where no one is allowed out for work, school, errands, etc, and, of course, there are those who vehemently speak out against any and all lycans, no matter how harmless they are.  This book was much more political than anything. Just replace lycans with any subgroup in our population, and the story is the same. There are militia groups who vow to destroy lycans, there are lycan terrorists who kill humans, there are political parties divided, all lycan colleges, on and on. The story follows a handful of characters, some lycan, some human and how their world is torn apart after a few events.

I really enjoyed this book more than I expected. I didn’t know it was about werewolves when I started and was so disappointed when the word lycan crossed my page. But it really is more about political maneuvering, acceptance, and survival than anything else. Really interesting book.


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