I read Little Brother ages ago and have zero memory of it. I read it solely because it’s a modern retelling of 1984 (maybe not a retelling, but a companion book, I’m not sure what to call it exactly) But for the book challenge, I needed a cyberpunk novel and had Homeland on my Kindle, so I went ahead and tackled it, knowing it was a sequel to a book I had long forgotten. And, even though there were references made to what happened in the first book, I was able to pick up the second one fairly easily.

The basic plot is that our main character, Marcus, is a cyber expert. Terrible things happened to him and his friends in the first book and they are wary about trusting others. However, while at Burning Man, Marcus runs into old friends who entrust him with a flash drive of information to be released if they disappear. And, of course, they do, so Marcus has to decide what to do with the information. He has a new job working for a campaign he believes in and doesn’t want to jeopardize that, but knows what he has on the drive has to be released. So, rock, hard place…what to do?

For being a YA book, this was a very mature one dealing with real-life terrors in our society. Cory Doctorow writes some really interesting plots with likeable characters. I hope to revisit Marcus and his friends for a third installment.


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