The 2018 year in review

My original book goal was 100 books. I’ve read 100 before, but it was a last minute short book that helped me to my goal on New Year’s Eve. No matter how many books I read, my goal is to always read more pages than I did the year before. And this year, I read more pages than ever!

Final results: 110 books and 36685 pages. Wahoo!

Highlights from the year:

Bridge of Clay

Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Dream Team (about the 1992 Olympics. It was so much fun)

Mindhunter by John Edward Douglas. About the FBI (yes, Netflix show based on this) and how they solve crimes and profile serial killers.

The Silkworm and Career of Evil

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

The Namesake

The Fireman

The Circle

Kindred (anything Octavia Butler writes is amazing)

Everything I Never Told You

Stephen King books: The Stand, Insomnia, The Outsider, Elevation


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