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The Girl Who Lived Twice


I’ve been a big fan of the Millennium series from early on. I read the first two in the original series, but the newest trilogy by David Lagercrantz isn’t quite the same. If you are judging them separate from the first, they definitely hold up on their own as interesting murder mysteries. This book meets the “book about or by a journalist” category in the 2020 PopSugar Reading Challenge.

This newest installment finds Lisbeth in hiding, yet again, plugging away at some version of revenge. Mikael Blomkvist is investigating a mysterious death, even though he really has other stories he should be writing. We meet a few new characters including a journalist “lady friend” of Mikael’s and as he digs deeper into the death, he unlocks a lot more information than he really intended to. I really don’t know much about Russian or Swedish espionage, so a lot of it I just read without understanding the magnitude of the betrayals, but the point gets across anyway.

These books are worth reading, even if they aren’t the original. I have enjoyed them quite a bit, and I like to see how Lisbeth has evolved. It might not be a huge evolution (spoiler alert, she’s still sullen in this one), but she has let a few people into her life, which is a big step. I’m not sure if there will be other books in the series, but I will stick with them, if Lagercrantz writers more.

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