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The Perfect Nanny

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I love a good thriller. Only a few stand out, though. The Silent Patient, Gone Girl, All the Missing Girls, and Girl in Snow, and Baby Teeth all come to mind as being better than the rest. I’m always searching for another good one. Unfortunately, most are just ridiculous. An Anonymous Girl, The Woman in the Window, The Woman in Cabin 10, all just irritated me. Sadly, The Perfect Nanny joins this list, but for reasons different from the aforementioned titles. Most fall into terrible tropes, namely the “I drink too much and can’t remember anything” one. I am just so over that type of story.

The Perfect Nanny starts with the ending. And I HATE that concept. It completely takes me out of the plot. Instead of wondering what will happen, I am left wondering why. I *should* be wondering both, especially in a thriller where a terrible event happens. Even though it’s not the first chapter, I’m not going to say what it is, other than awful. Skip ahead a bit, Louise is a dream come true in the nanny world. The kids adore her, she cooks, cleans, can stay late or come early, and the parents end up relying on her more and more. All seems well.

What’s frustrating about this book is that it’s an omniscient narrator, so you never really get into Louise’s head. She’s clearly not a good person, and you learn a bit about her back story, but nothing really explains her anger. She has a “mood disorder,” barely mentioned, but that’s really all we learn about her mindset, other than a few flashbacks. This book would have been so much better from her perspective to really get into the unreliable narrator’s thoughts. I fit this book into the “book with a three-word title” for the PopSugar Reading Challenge but was ultimately disappointed.

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