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At some point, someone told me about this great series by a British author who writes gruesome books about a police detective. I reviewed Birdman. Jack Caffrey is flawed and traumatized by the kidnapping and presumed murder of his brother when they were just kids. Jack lives near the man who he believes took his brother. However, this finds Jack in a new location and a fresh start.

Having left London, he’s now in Bristol working on their police force. He meets a police diver, Phoebe AKA Flea, who has found a hand in a body of water. Just a hand. The police have to start digging to find the truth of whether or not the owner of the hand is still alive. Flea and Caffrey run parallel in this book because it’s not her job to find the truth, but the people they know intersect as the story progresses. Jack interviews Flea’s friend, unaware to them both this person has had contact with them both. Flea also has a side story about the death of her parents in a tragic accident and her need to find out what happened.

These books are gruesome, and you really do need to read them in order to understand the depth of Jack’s character and what he’s trying to move past. I will say some plot threads that existed in the second book were abandoned here, so I’m hoping they aren’t lost forever. There are several more books to get to, so I’m hoping we get a bit of a resolution at some point.

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