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An Unwelcome Guest

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I’m in the home stretch! Book seven down, one to go! Until book nine comes out, that is. And as fun as these books are, I will be happy to have a break from Victorian England for a bit. It’s a bit stuffy. I am reading other books, so I’m not entirely immersed in these, but I do enjoy a variety in the books I read.

This book finds Penny, once again, investigating a murder. This time, she’s a witness. She has been invited to a hotel to stay as a guest with a few other people to report about the hotel’s grand opening. That night, a man and his guest are murdered. Penny is initially a suspect, but we know she didn’t do it. Not our hero! She and James have to team up to find out just who that dead guest is, and they need to find out the motivation behind these murders.

Like always, the murder needs to be solved, but there are also the series plots about Penny and James’s relationship, Penny’s sister Eliza’s family situation, and the long-lost father that we are still wondering about. I’ve already started the eighth book and look forward to wrapping up this series.

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