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Death at the Workhouse

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I did it! I finished this series before my Kindle Unlimited subscription ran out. I’ve subscribed to the author’s emails, so hopefully, I get a notice when book nine comes out because I definitely need to know what happens to Penny after this crazy cliff-hanger.

Book eight finds Penny and her sister, Eliza, spending the night in what we would consider a homeless shelter. She’s writing an article about the conditions of this shelter, but she realizes something fishy is going on. People are dying and their bodies are disappearing. She and James, of Scotland Yard, must figure out of these people are dying naturally or not, and whether their families are aware of the fact that the bodies are missing, since the casket is heavy, but only filled with sand. Of course, Penny and James’s relationship is part of the series-long plot point, as is the whereabouts of Penny and Eliza’s father, and these are still discussed in the book.

I really respect the author for doing the amount of research she does. In the back of this book, she discusses the research and lists a lot of books she’s read to prepare for writing this series. Her preparation shows me how seriously she takes her craft, and I appreciate that. So, if you’re looking for a fun light-hearted, but really well-written and well-researched set of books, I highly recommend the Penny Green series by Emily Organ.

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