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The Library at Mount Char

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Buzz about this book has been reaching me. People I follow on Twitter have been talking about it for a while now, but I haven’t put it at the top of my list because I really didn’t know anything about it. But for a personal online book club challenge, I needed to read a book with a house on the cover, so I moved this one to the top of my list. And, boy, what a book.

I’m not sure I can begin to explain what this book is about because it’s just so crazy. Basic premise is that Carolyn is the adopted daughter of a man she only knows as “Father.” He has adopted 11 children, and all are his apprentices. Father is a god. Maybe *the* god. But that’s not exactly addressed, but it really doesn’t matter. He controls the world, all space and time, everything you know. His apprentices all study one field: death, healing, languages, animals, etc. But Father has gone missing and now someone has to take control of his Library of knowledge.

This is truly one of the most bizarre and crazy books I’ve ever read. But don’t let that statement turn you against it. I loved it. This book was engaging from the first page. Carolyn is a fantastic character, very complex. However, the minor characters are the ones who truly shine in this one. I understand this book won’t be well received by everyone, particularly ones who don’t enjoy reading about religion in this fictional context, and that’s fine. However, if you aren’t particularly bothered by that aspect, I highly recommend this one.

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