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There are a lot of topics I know nothing about. But I don’t know anything about them mostly because those topics don’t interest me at all. I was struggling with the PopSugar prompt about this very subject, so I went to my bookcase and looked around. Between my books and my husband’s, we have a wide array of topics. I found this one and thought it would be interesting enough. And if not, it was only 250 pages, so it would be easy enough to get through.

I knew was CTE was before I started and that it affects NFL players, but that was it. I really didn’t even know what the acronym stood for or how it was discovered. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. It is a fantastic read. The man who first brought CTE to light is a fascinating person. Bennet Omalu is from Nigeria, struggles to fit in in America, even to understand it really, but is vastly educated and, on a whim, decided to take a closer look at the brain of Mike Webster, a former player who had been struggling with mental issues before his death from a heart attack. What Omalu found changed the NFL forever. The story goes on to illustrate other players’ autopsies, the fight Omalu had with the NFL, and how his determination kept him fighting.

Even if you don’t like football, this book is absolutely riveting. What Omalu found and the ensuing battle is something I really had no idea about, let alone the magnitude of the NFL cover-up. This quick read is definitely worth looking into.

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