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Whew! When I downloaded this book to listen to, I had no idea it was 800+ pages and 23+ hours long. I always listen on 1.5 speed, so that helped, but when I had to return it to the library in just a couple of days and had over 4 hours left, I had to double up to 2x speed. I can’t say it was easy to listen to that way, but I managed to finish in time and am pretty sure I fully understood what happened.

After Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Fairest, I was ready to see how it all ended. And with 800 pages of action, twists and turns, double crosses, and plenty of chaos, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not a big fantasy/fairy tale person, but these books are really fantastic. Each one was better than the one before, just because I got more and more immersed into their world. I was always rooting for our heroes, and Scarlet is my favorite.

Even though this one was long, I didn’t feel like words were wasted. Everything moved the plot forward, even when our heroes had to take back a couple of steps. Nothing is solved easily, but nothing was in the first three books, so you don’t expect it to be in this one. These are excellent books for teenagers, but as an adult, I really appreciated how well-written they were and how the heroines were all different from one another but still awesome in their own rights. I will be recommending this series as much as I can.

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