books and reading


For my book challenge, I had to select a book that takes place in the summer. A quick Goodreads search lead me to Atonement, yet another book I own but have never read. And I have seen the movie, but the only thing I remember about it was that I just did not want to see it at all. But my best friend twisted my arm. And once I finished the book, the movie’s ending all came back to me. I had completely blanked on the entire plot, which is a good thing given the nice little twist at the end.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I really didn’t know what to expect, and when a book gets rave reviews, I’m usually hesitant to jump on board. But this one holds up. I am not a Hemingway fan, really, but I kept thinking about A Farewell to Arms while reading this one. Don’t let that sway you, though. McEwan’s writing style is much more palatable than Hemingway’s short prose. I was completely sucked into this story, and not solely because of the plot. The descriptions and language are beautiful.

I had to give this one five stars, mostly because of the writing, but also, in part, because it really was a captivating story. I kept wondering if Cecilia and Robbie would end up together after all. I wanted to hate Briony, but I mostly felt sorry for her. Being 13 just sucks. She should have known better, but this poor girl was so neglected, that I had to pity her just a bit.