Baker’s Magic

It’s rare that I read a middle school book that doesn’t drive me nuts. Most of them contain so much teenage slang and silliness that I don’t make it past the first few pages. Absolutely nothing wrong with slang and silliness, but it’s not for me. I listened to Baker’s Magic over the course of a few weeks, so I apologize if the character names aren’t spelled the same in the book, and I was so delighted by this book. The characters are fun, the plot is creative, and it’s totally appropriate for middle school kids (and older, of course) who just want a fun story without a lot of drama and nonsense.

Bee is an orphan girl who steals from a bakery, gets caught, and gets a job. Mr. Bouts, the baker, takes pity on her and offers her an apprenticeship in his bakery. Bee quickly learns how to make assorted goods and discovers a bit of magic. She can bake her feelings into the goods. If she feels scared while baking, the eater will feel scared. Her goods are requested by the mage at the castle, so Bee heads off to deliver and ends up meeting the very sweet, Princess Annika.

Annika confided in Bee that she is to be married off to an old man. The mage is dispensing Annika so he can rule the kingdom himself. The mage is a terrible person who got rid of all the trees in the kingdom, and now the kingdom is washing away.

Bee and Annika and Bee’s friend, Vill, head off in search of help and get discovered by pirates, make a few important discoveries, and learn the true meaning of family and friendship. I loved this book. It was fun and sweet and just a great well-written story. If you are looking for a book for your middle-grade student or child, this one will be a hit.