Sweet Valley Confidential

There are books that I really want to read, but know better than to spend any money on them because the expectation level is so low. So when I saw a copy of this book at a Friends of the Library sale, I knew it was my chance to get it for dirt cheap. Sadly, I think the dollar I spent on the book would have been better spent elsewhere, because, folks, this book is awful. No lie.

I LOVED the SVH books when I was a kid, so when I had to read a book from my childhood for the books challenge, I was excited to have an excuse to revisit the twins. Elizabeth is my spirit animal. Jessica annoyed me so much, and even though they were twins, I was always frustrated with Elizabeth for not having a backbone and standing up to her sister’s nonsense. Well, this time around, that backbone was made of steel. Mild spoilers, but this happens in the beginning of the book, so it’s not that big of a deal. Elizabeth lives in NYC, having fled Sweet Valley because of the biggest betrayal she could endure. Behind her back, Jessica has stolen the one and only Todd Wilkins. WHAT???? Todd has realized his true feelings aren’t for Elizabeth, but instead, her twin. And out of sheer heartbreak, Elizabeth runs away to find herself, start a new job, whatever. She hasn’t spoken to her twin or Todd since she fled 8 months ago. Elizabeth is pissed.

Through a series of flashbacks from multiple perspectives (in a different font, just in case you get confused) we learn the whole story of how Jess and Todd fell in love. We also see our old friends again, Lila Fowler, Bruce Patman, Caroline Pearce, however most have small roles. Missing from the narrative is Enid, though. Maybe I didn’t read that particular book, but she and Elizabeth are no longer speaking and Enid is only referenced. Remember the one where Enid was in the plane crash?? That was my favorite SVH book!

Anyway, yada yada, side stories about the twins older brother Steven, Liz meets a new guy in NYC, there’s a big showdown at a party between Liz and Jess, nonsense really. Maybe I was naive back in the day, but I don’t remember the books being this nonsensical. This one felt way too edited to make sense. I don’t even really care that the plot was such a big cliche, but the writing itself was just terrible. I am fine with revisiting the characters, but at least try to realize that your audience is no longer 14 years old.