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Generation A

Part of my reading goal for the year was to read any book recommended to me by a friend. This is how I found my way to Generation A. Well, really how I found my way to Douglas Copeland and my library had this copy, so I went with it. A friend recommended several of his books, but this was the easiest to obtain for free.

Knowing absolutely nothing about the author, genre, plot, etc I was really nervous about this book. I don’t like to be out of my comfort zone much. But I’m trying to force myself to do so, hence the friend recommendation. No matter the book, I vow to read it. And what a nice little surprise this one was.

Set in the future where bees are extinct, 5 people in random parts of the world get stung. The 5 people are alternating narrators, each getting their own chapters, and then their lives converge about halfway through. I felt the second half was a little less interesting than the first, but everything comes together nicely in the end. The 5 narrators were distinct enough to keep them separate in my head, but blended well together, also, for reasons I won’t get into.

If this book is representative of Copeland’s work, I will definitely be checking him out further. I’m not sure about some of the recommendations coming up, but I will keep posting about them, good or bad. I know a western is in my future. Ugh.