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In a Perfect World

Title: In a Perfect World

Author: Laura Kasischke

Genre: family, plague

My goal since the 2020 Popsugar challenge ended is to read as many books as I could that I own but have never read. There are hundreds. I am a book collector. I love Half-Price Books and Friends of the Library sales. I’ve recently decided to stop buying Kindle books, even if they are cheap, if my library owns them. Side note: if you have Chrome, Firefox, or Edge check out the library extension. This brilliant tech lets you connect to your library and when you browse a book on Amazon, you can see if your library owns it and how many copies are available for checkout. Back to the book: I’ve had this on my shelf for ages, and I’m sure I bought it because it was dystopian of sorts. I’m using a lottery system to pick my books (seriously, I have so many that I can’t decide) and this book won this round.

From Goodreads: In a Perfect World is critically acclaimed writer Laura Kasischke’s novel of marriage, motherhood, and the choices we make when we have no choices left. Kasischke, the author of The Life Before Her Eyes, tells the story of Jiselle, a young flight attendant who’s just settled into a fairy tale life with her new husband and stepchildren. But as a mysterious new illness spreads rapidly throughout the country, she begins to realize that her marriage, her stepchildren, and their perfect world are all in terrible danger . . .

This book is more family drama than plague. And now that we are *not to jinx it* on the other side of Covid with vaccines out, I can safely say that the societal breakdown that happens in this book won’t happen in our world. Food stops being delivered, animals go bonkers, people die in mysterious ways, the plague is never really explained, and borders are closed. Reading a book like this before our own pandemic would have sent my anxiety over the edge. But it’s not nearly as bad now that I know we are finally headed in the right direction.