Rise by Katherine L. Evans (update)

I posted my review Here of the amazing book, Rise, that I was a beta reader for. And great news that the book is available to purchase. Even better news, 100% of the author’s royalties from this novel will be donated to charities benefiting Syrian refugees and to organizations working to improve safety conditions for conflict journalists. I was absolutely blown away by this book.


Rise by Katherine L. Evans

So, a friend of mine told me a couple weeks ago, “Hey, I have a friend who is an author, and I gave her your name to be a beta reader for her newest book.” And I wholeheartedly agreed having absolutely no idea what kind of book I had just volunteered to read. It could have been a western, a fantasy or worse yet, a sappy romance book. Those types of books have a place in the world, just not in my world. But when I got the word document and started the book, I was immediately hooked.

The overarching theme, as well as the title, is to rise. Rise above. Rise above anything and everyone who drags you down. Not in the “I’m better than everyone” way, but more of the “I can persevere through the worst” way. Isn’t this how we should all lead our lives? And, thankfully, the main character realizes this as well.

This book isn’t an easy read. There are parts that will punch you in the gut. And you will get choked up numerous times (there are only four books that have made me tear up. This was one of them), and you will love every bit of this book. Emma is a journalist running from a terrible childhood. Running away, running to, it doesn’t really matter. Escape is all she craves. She has people who love her, but it isn’t enough. Like many young adults, she needs to find herself and give back to the world. So, she heads to Syria to do some investigative reporting. Let me repeat. Syria. This isn’t going to be pretty. And, like always, you will get zero spoilers from me, so I will just say that the best thing I loved about this book was that it was REAL.

Since this book is still in the prepublishing beta stages, I beg you to keep a lookout for this when it is on the shelves. And I will keep you posted. This one is absolutely worth reading. The main character is flawed and broken and authentic and beautifully written. I’m so thankful I was asked to read this.