This year, I’m trying to balance books I’m reading for the Popsugar challenge with books that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile. Lexicon was one I meant to read for awhile, but never found a place for it in the challenge categories. I’m a big fan of dystopia and thrillers, so when I found a book that was a bit of both, I was pretty excited.

The story is told from different time periods. You figure out pretty quickly that one period is happening before the other one. The before story tells of Emily her, um, let’s call it an education. She is recruited by a mysterious organization and taught the art of persuasion. Emily learns to categorize people and use certain words on them to get them to do her bidding. However, she gets angry, goes rogue, and unleashes something awful.

The after story is Wil and a secret he has in his head. However, he’s been made to forget this secret, so the people who have kidnapped him are trying to get him to remember. The two stories do converge, and you quickly realize their connection. This book was a really great delve into manipulation and how people interact. It lagged a bit in the middle, so I ended up giving it 4 stars, but overall it was really well-written and creative.