Little Women

When I was born, my grandmother bought me the Little Women set of Madame Alexander dolls. They were in my room, high on a shelf, never to be played with. However, my mom would tell me stories about them and all the adventures they would go on. Time and time again, she tried to get me to read Little Women, but I just couldn’t get into it. And even as an adult, it just wasn’t interesting to me. However, for my “book that’s at least 100 years older than you,” I was bound and determined to read Little Women, finally.

So, now that I’m on the other side, I can honestly say it was just an okay book. I wasn’t pleasantly surprised with how much better it was than I was expecting it to be (like Kurt Vonnegut books have been) but it wasn’t a painful reading experience either.

I try not to spoil books, but really, this one is SO old that if you don’t know what happens by now (or haven’t seen the Friends episode where Rachel makes Joey read it) then read at your own discretion. So, Beth survives her scarlet fever, and knowing she dies, I was so surprised it didn’t happen then. I kept wondering if I had accidentally downloaded the “happy” version of the book, rather than the actual one. But, alas, Beth still met her fate. And I loved Laurie and Jo’s relationship, or lack there of. Jo has a good, reasonable head on her shoulders, and made the right decision. Not every male/female relationship needs to be one of true love. Some of the best friendships can be ones of siblings or sibling-like.

I gave this one a solid 3 stars. It was worth reading, but nothing I will read again. I’m glad to have it on my “read” list so I can move on. I’m not sure any accomplished American can say they’ve read all the classics without having this one on their list. So, job done!